How To Enable Controlled Folder Access on Windows 10

Controlled Folder Access is a tool that blocks malicious apps from altering data of the folders that you choose to protect and this tool is a part of the Windows Defender Exploit Guard of the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update.

Lets say you download a third-party application and it is trying to make changes of the data present in the folders that you want to protect then Windows will immediately block the app’s access and notify you of the activity.

Here is how you will enable the Controlled Folder Access:

  1. Go to Start->Settings->Update&Security.
  2. From there open Windows Defender Security Center or just search Windows Defender Security Center from Start.
  3. Now click on Virus&Threat Protection->Virus&Threat Protection Settings.
  4. Turn on the Controlled Folder Access Button.Controlled Folder Access
  5. Once you turn on you will be able to see List of Protected Folders & Allow apps to pass through the Controlled Folder Access.

Controlled Folder Access Conclusion:

Controlled Folder Access is a great privacy protection tool that really puts the user to the driver’s seat and not vice-versa.

How To Play Voice Message on each Startup in Windows 10

Windows has this fun feature that allows you to play a particular voice message every time you log-in to your Windows PC or Laptop.

Follow the steps below for setting up the voice message:

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Type the following on every new line:
    Dim say,speech
    say=”Welcome to Windows 10”
    set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
    speech.Speak say
  3. Save this notepad file as Welcome.vbs file extension on your desktop.Welcome.vbs Now play this file by double-clicking on it. Note:If you see an error re-type all the inverted-comma’s in case of a text-font error while copying the above lines.
  4. Now as we need to play this after every Windows startup Open Run
  5. Type shell:startup and copy this Welcome.vbs file from dekstop and paste it in that folder.
  6. Refresh and Restart your Windows 10.

Now on every start-up you will be able to hear this welcome message.

If you want to Show a Text Message on every start-up in Windows click below:

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Top 5 Built-In Features of Windows 10

Windows has been around us like forever and in this period it has introduced a lot of features for us,not just new but also some very old one’s that have found their place in the latest Windows 10.

So here are the top built-in features that you might not know of but are very useful:

1)Windows Task Scheduler:

Task Scheduler Windows 10

Task Scheduler is one the most mature Windows utility serving customers since Windows ’95.

As the name suggests it helps us to schedule various tasks on applications present Windows

It automatically performs routine tasks on the computer by monitoring certain conditions we choose( here named as triggers) and executing the respective tasks when these triggers are met.

For example:- Initiating Windows Defender every midnight to check for presence of virus in the system.

Type ” Task Scheduler” in the search area and click on it to open the application. Click on Create Basic Task or Create Task for creating a routine schedule.

2)Managing Disk Space

Disk Clean Up Windows

If you’ve a lot of data on your device and need to free up some space or even check some old system files which are redundant then Disk Cleanup is one of the best in-built utilities of Windows 10 that will help you.

It is also one of the old utilities just search it up and click on the first result to launch the application.

This utility helps us in regaining the disk space by eliminating system files that are no longer needed for the functioning of the operating system.

  1. Click on Disk Cleanup in the search bar.
  2. Click on any one of the drives you wish to run this utility for(here it is C:).
  3. After clicking OK you will see at top the total memory space that you can free up- 25 MB in my case see the picture above.
  4. Click on clean up system files if you want to clean.

3)Remote Desktop Connection

We all know software’s like TeamViewer and Skype that helps us to share screens and allow our peers control over that screen.However in Windows 10 you can do this without any Third-Party apps.

Remote Desktop

This is done by the Remote Desktop Connection which is an in-built Windows utility that allows us to connect to another PC in a private network(local IP address) or over the internet(public IP address).

If both of the users are using Windows 10 then Quick Assist utility will do the job for you which is also an in-built feature.

4)Checking for File Errors

This in-built feature allows you to check for any presence of missing/corrupted files in the system.Its called as System File Checker which is a command-line utility and not an application.

Check out my previous post on How To Use System File Checker to Repair Files on Windows 10.

5)Recording Your Screen Activity

Game DVR

Now if you want to to record your screen activity then Windows has a built-in app for called Game DVR.

All you need to do is open up an application that you want to record and then press Win+G .You will be prompted with a question tick the checkbox and then click on the big red button to start the recording.