How To Create Password Reset Disk and Reset Password in Windows 10

When you forget a password it becomes quite frustrating to deal with the situation. Microsoft has created a feature in all Windows with latest being the Windows 10 that allows users to save the password information about the user account in USB drive.

So to ease the process we need to create a password reset disk in Windows 10 which will require a USB flash drive (Pen Drive) or a SD card.

Important Note: Password Reset Disk works with Local Account of your PC and not a Microsoft account.

Create Password Reset Disk:

Now connect your USB drive to your PC.Press Win+X and select Control Panel.Go to User Accounts->User Accounts->create password reset disk. Now follow the Forgotten Password Wizard till its 100% complete then hit Next and now you’re ready with Password reset USB drive.

Now when you forget the password then how to reset it?

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Click on the Reset Password link which appears below the Password field area.

Step 2:The Password Reset Wizard will appear and insert the USB flash drive where you’ve stored the password information.Follow the steps of the wizard until its complete.(You can reset the password to new or blank).


Now as you’ve changed the password do not forget take the backup in Pendrive.